Punishment is not hatred A true Story

Punishment is not hatred A true Story

Punishment is not Hatred

A couple had 4 children, they loved their children very much obviously as it should be.
The father used to give them alot of advice on how to pass through their youth life however the

Mum always said it was a wastage of time, she said that whether u advise or not, children always do what they liked.

One day, the older daughter proved pregnant. She was chased from school. On reaching home. She had nothing to say. Now the father full of anger chased her from home.

The girl went to the boy who impregnated her and on reaching she found the boy had already fled, and she returned back to the dad.

On seeing her for the 2nd time the dad picked a big stick and run after her, however much the mum pleaded for the father refused to hear.

“NOTE: always don’t let your anger take you far”.

Now the after two days, a man brought a letter to the girls Dad and it read:
“Dear dad, i know i did bad, but i have found no place on Earth to be, my parents have left me, the boy who seemed to love me fled, my relatives chased me.
Now after reading this letter, come to the bridge, or near by. Its where my body will be lying. I’m committing suicide. Give a goodbye kiss to my Mum, brothers and my sister on my behalf. Me i’m gone.
Bye, I am ur lovely daughter”

As soon as the Dad recieved the letter, he rushed to the bridge and found people looking in horror and his daughter was standing at the edge of the bridge ready to throw herself in water.

The father shouted out “don’t Do it my daughter! don’t do it!”

But the girl insisted and Jumped from the bridge into the river.

People were already there, quickly good swimmers entered the water and managed to get her in the worst condition.

From the hospital she found her dad waiting to recieve her!
Anxiously she asked her dad, if u love me, why did u chase me?

The father replied that i didn’t chase you because i hate you but it was because i wanted you to realise your mistake and ask for forgiveness.

The daughter threw herself in his fathers chest and said, “forgive me my mistakes to you, failing to listen to your instructions, failing to hear your voice when you called me to stop and biasing your love towards me”

They feasted and now the girl is having her 8 year old healthy son.
The boy who had ran came back and they are now in marriage.

When we face troubles and temptations, don’t think that God has hated you. Know that there’s something you have done and God wants you back.

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Written by Arun Pandit

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