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During school days it was a compulsion to sit through the boring seminars of various guest speakers who used to come down at our school on the special request of our directors. I must say that was a pain, however, during one of those lectures I learnt one of the most important things of my life. I learnt the importance of focus! Focus on what you want in life, let it be your career, your dream car, fame or the boy/girl next door.

He was just another guest lecturer (I wish I could mention his name, but I don’t remember). He started off his speech with a very good example which I remember till date. He said “Sun has tremendous and tremendous amount of energy, if we could fully use even its millionth part then we can do number of good things for mankind. But unfortunately we are not able to use it because sun’s energy is scattered. On the other hand if you take a laser beam and focus it on a wall of metal, you would see within few seconds it would make a hole in that wall and go past it. This is the power of focus for you. Similarly we all have potential and energy, however we fail to put it all in getting what we want in life”. Many people along with me had their eyes wide open after listening to this and we were wondering how true it was.

It’s been many years but I still remember this and try to implement it in my life. Sure there would be obstacles, distractions and difficulties in one’s life but if one doesn’t want to see himself/herself as just another person from the crowd then there is no other choice but to overcome them.

You should concentrate and concentrate hard, remove all distractions from your life, or if you can’t remove them then at least reduce them to minimum and very soon you would see your dreams coming true.

Having said above lines, I would also like to make a point that you should also realize at what cost you are getting what you want in life. It happens with many individuals who put everything they have at stake and when they finally get what they want then they realize they have paid heavily for it. You may find these statements contradictory to what I have said earlier and it is also true up to a certain extent because it is you who has to decide or rather realize what is more important for you.

Whatever you decide, you would be chasing something in life for sure, remember impossible is nothing, you just need to stick around it. As it is rightly said by Albert Einstein “It’s not that I’m so smart, it’s just that I stay with problems longer”.

All the best and always remember the power of focus.

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Written by Aaina Chopra

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