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This Police Constable Spends His Entire Salary so 40 Kids Can go to School

Meet Arup Mukherjee, a constable at the New Alipore police station in Kolkata, who has a very special dream. He wants to provide quality education and a secure future to the 40 children he is working with right now.

And for that, he spends his entire salary on them.

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This constable’s entire salary goes for the development and maintenance of Puncha Nabadisha Model School, a primary school set up by him in a remote area of Purulia district, next to the Puncha Block Hospital. The children studying in this school belong to the Sabar tribe, which is one the most backward tribes in the state. The school has 40 students and they live in the school itself.

“I was moved by the plight of the Sabars and vowed to do something for them. I try to do my best but it isn’t adequate,” he told The Times of India.

He lives in the police barracks in Kolkata and eats whatever is served. As of now, there are five classrooms in the school, but no toilets for students. Constable Mukherjee tries to arrange the funds for completion of construction in the school with the help of donations from people. He also asks for donations to provide clothes and food to people in the region. His colleagues and seniors help him in this process.

Referring to the children as his own family, this constable rushes to meet them whenever he gets the chance. He is very passionate about his job as well as his school.

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