Nyishi Language : The Crisis of Existence & Identity

The Crisis of Existence & Identity

By Dr. Joram Yalam Nabam

Nyishi Language : The Crisis of Existence & Identity

# Nyishi Language

Nyi refers to “a human” and the word shi denotes “a being”, which combined together refers to a human being

Nyishi’, meaning ‘the land of people – the human beings

Nyishi Language happens to be the mother tongue of the Nyishi tribes of Arunachal Pradesh, India.

There are more than a hundred tribal communities, which coexist in Arunachal Pradesh.

Even if they are economically backward, each tribe has its own rich language, culture, faith-belief, traditions, and literature.

Similarly, many poems have been composed and are being composed in Arunachal Pradesh.

There are many poems in the local languages( Nyishi Language) ?? and dialects too.

But there has never been any discussion at the academic level about them.

As such, it is hard to understand each other’s language. No one paid any attention even to the translation.

Therefore, their scope remained limited and the poems were not published in form of any book.

But when it comes to contributing to the society and nation.

These poems have played a major role in creating social awareness and relevance in every phase.

Since it is not possible to learn about the poets & poems of the whole Nyishi community together.

There exist four great poets of this community which are known as the voice of the whole Arunachal.

Eventually, “The language is the root of all progress”.

The loss of a language means the disappearance of a knowledge stream.

Language connects us with our ancestors, which is our roots, our foundation.

Now it is our responsibility to preserve the memories of our ancestors.

Our deep-rooted culture is due to its Ethnic & Social values for the next generation.

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