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Poem The Child of Gaza by Amelia Khan

The Child of Gaza

by Amelia Khan

The child of Gaza

Child of Gaza In my Heart,

Child of Gaza In my Heart,

This caged heart of mine,

Despair grows, sorrow flows,

It beats, to the rhythm of a gun

Knowing any day it may fall prey to one.

From my lips,

These hushed lips of mine,

I cannot whisper

I cannot sing

Constantly fearing what tomorrow might bring.

My eyes,

These blinded eyes of mine,

Watching but not wanting to see

All the terror surrounding me,

I look to glimpse the stars in the night sky,

But I only see planes, flying low,

Coming to hurt me…this I know.

Can’t I be happy? Why can’t I be free?

Why can’t my soul belong to me?

Sitting in this house, This shackled house of mine,

Hoping, praying,

For a day when I can call,

This house,My home,

This land,My home

My life…

My own…

By Amelia Khan

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