Poem On The Modern Day Woman

Everyone has their definition of the term. But in reality, the modern woman is whoever she wants to be.

Upekha Jain @dontgiveupworld

Who is the ‘modern day woman’? The one who walks shoulder to shoulder with her male counterpart? The one who perfectly balances her personal and professional lives? Or the who breaks free from all stereotypes that revolve around women?

Amid many videos and posts doing the rounds on social media, this spoken word poem titled ‘Let’s Walk Together’ by Bombaebs star Uppekha Jain puts into evocative words, what it is to be a modern day woman.

“This is not just another rape poem or Women’s Day lib Rap. This is a celebration of both women and men,” the video starts. Jain pairs with vocalist Anshuman Singh to perform the poem she wrote. “I earn my own pay and pay my own way, like so many women do today,” she begins and the rest will make you nod at every word she speaks.

In March 2015, Mumbaikars — or Bombaebs as they call themselves — Uppekha Jain and Pankhuri Awasthi shared a video titled #RapAgainstRape, highlighting the growing atrocities against women in India. The video had subsequently gone viral.

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Written by Shiva Sai Teja

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