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Poem Help Someone if You Can by Azam Siddiqui

Poem Help Someone if You Can !

by Azam Siddiqui

Poem Help Someone if You Can by Azam Siddiqui

Life is just to move on,
one should never stop,
one should never take rest,
life is meaningful only and only,
if you help the people around.

Always in life,
we have to help yourself,
how can we help yourself??
best way to help self and feel happiness,
is by helping others.

You also don’t know,
how much you are blessed,
till the time, you help someone,
you will never come to know,
value of yourself.

Today if possible help someone,
today if possible inspire someone,
you may think whether it’s important or not??
you never know,
somebody might be just waiting for you.

if you want to feel real happiness,
just help someone,
the joy the happiness that you will feel,
it will be priceless,
which you would have been never felt.

So today help someone, if you can,
today be the guide to someone, if you can,
today is yours make it a day for someone.
that’s the best way you can be of help to humans.


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