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the reason

Title- The Reason Band- Hoobastank Album- The Reason (get it, you’ll like it) Track 8 Standard Tuning Begins with quarter notes on piano, then drums Intro E[—–4—-] B[-5-7—4–] (6x) G[———-] Verse1 I’m not a perfect person… E[—–4—-] B[-5-7—4–] (2x) E[———-] B[-2-4-5–0-] (4x) G[———-] E[—–4—-] B[-5-7—4–] (4x) G[———-] E[———-] B[-2-4-5–0-] (8x) G[———-] E[———-] B[-0-2-4–0-] (4x) G[———-] Chorus1 E C#m7 A2 Bsus …

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watch over you

Alter Bridge – Watch Over You From “Blackbird” album Open G Tuning (D G D G B D), Repeated Acoustic Intro & Verse Riff (strum softly & let strings ring) D|-0–0-0-0-0—-0–0–0-|–0–0-0–0-0–0—0-0-|–0–0-0–0—-0–0–0-| B|-0–0-0-0-10—0-12–0-|–5–5-3–3-3–3—3-0-|–0–0-0–10—0–12-0-| G|-0–0-0-0-0—-0–0–0-|–0–0-0–0-0–0—0-0-|–0–0-0–0—-0–0–0-| D|-0——–10—–12—-|–5——-5—-5——-|–0——-10——12—| G|-0——–0——0—–|–0——-0—-0——-|–0——-0——-0—-| D|———————–|———————–|———————–| D–0–0-0–0-0-0—0—0-0—| B–5–5-5–5-5-5—5/7-7-7–o| G–0–0-0–0-0-0—0—0-0—| D–5–5-5–5-5-5—5/7-7-7—| G–0—-0–0——-0——–o| D—————————-| As Acoustic continues playing Intro, Electric comes in: Clean Electric Riff (played softly as singing begins, ‘answering’ vocals) …

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you and me (life house)

you and me. strumming pattern. 1.) Begin with a solid strike on the bass notes with a down strum (you should only be striking the top 3-4 strings, meaning EADG) 2.) Proceed to do a light to medium strength “down…up…down…up” strum on the lower four treble strings (DGBE). You want to avoid hitting the bass notes because you should only …

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