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the reason

Title- The Reason Band- Hoobastank Album- The Reason (get it, you’ll like it) Track 8 Standard Tuning Begins with quarter notes on piano, then drums Intro E[—–4—-] B[-5-7—4–] (6x) G[———-] Verse1 I’m not a perfect person… E[—–4—-] B[-5-7—4–] (2x) E[———-] B[-2-4-5–0-] (4x) G[———-] E[—–4—-] B[-5-7—4–] (4x) G[———-] E[———-] B[-2-4-5–0-] (8x) G[———-] E[———-] B[-0-2-4–0-] (4x) G[———-] Chorus1 E C#m7 A2 Bsus …

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