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OneLogin: Practical Data Security For Manufacturers

The internet can seem like the wild west, but instead of bandits and the no-nonsense sheriff, there are hackers that are halted by companies like OneLogin that protect client’s data using cutting edge technology and modern security measures.

It’s more important than ever for companies to secure their data. More third-party users are allowed to access company networks and data, as suppliers and vendors often don’t work in the office area. In companies that use sensitive customer data, a system needs to be in place to identify which users have access to files.

No one wants to consider the worst possible scenario in which databases are hacked and customer information or company data like blueprints or financial documents are leaked. However, cyber attacks are not uncommon and manufacturing companies need to take steps to ensure that a costly data breach does not occur.

In a report from Aberdeen, Derek E. Brink states that “there’s a 90% likelihood that a single data breach will cost more than $190K, and a 10% likelihood that it will cost more than $750K.”

The numbers are clear, manufacturers can’t afford to put data security on the back burner.

When exploring data security options, manufacturers must keep in mind that solutions need to be practical for users while maintaining a high level of security. Users often forget their password or need help with other basic identity management tasks, which wastes time that could be used productively.

Brink also stresses the importance of strong and secure passwords, estimating that between 80% to 90% of data breaches are the result of weak, stolen, or compressed login credentials.

OneLogin, for instance, allows for single sign on (SSO) and multifactor authentication (MFA), which are practical and user friendly solutions to security threats.

With OneLogin’s single sign on portal, users only have to enter their login credentials once and are allowed access to their web apps stored on the cloud or behind the firewall. Using the SSO portal, data is kept safe and secure while users can easily access the data they need. SSO doesn’t slow down productivity and is effective.

Multifactor authentication, also called two-factor authentication, is a more rigorous authentication process that adds an additional layer of security. In a MFA system, users first enter their login credentials then must provide an addition authentication method, like a fingerprint, voice pattern, smart card, or mobile phone code.

In addition, OneLogin also provides the option to add policy-based access controls. This allows organizations to prevent login and password resets based on location, an invaluable tool when protecting from unauthorized users.

Using cutting edge security methods like these, OneLogin has cemented itself as a leader in the data security market. Manufacturers like Airbus, Steelcase, and Consort Medical utilize OneLogin to ensure their data is safeguarded.

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Written by Arun Pandit

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