Mining baron, multi billionaire, powerful politician & an ex-minister Janardhan Reddy denied bail, handed over to CBI.




Jana Reddy has plenty of paisa, power, position, popularity, people (supporters), etc., but, none of these could save him from spending sleepless nights in the 10’X20’ prison in the company of petty criminals, thugs, mosquitoes, cockroaches, rats and of course without any of the luxuries like 2-3 helicopters, at least half a dozen high-end imported cars, SUVs, nearly half a quintals of gold, golden throne, fat bank balances & the least of all, ceiling fans etc., that he had been enjoying till he fell in the police’s dragnet! He is likely to be convicted of the charges that is being  framed against him now & has no other option, but, to be the  inmate of the “Sri Krishna Janmasthan” for a few more years!


Let’s now analyze a few of the things that  Janardhan Reddy did RIGHT, which elevated him to the enviable status that he enjoyed a few days ago and take some positive lessons:


  1. The fact that he is the son of a poor Police Constable and with a mediocre education and having no backup did not deter him from opening a non-banking finance company!


Lesson 1:  It is not necessary that one has to have a master’s degree or have a huge reserve of money or a firm back-up to start a new venture or business. There are people who have started business with just $250 & are now counting in billions (for eg. Narayana Murthy of Infosys). College dropouts like Bill Gates of Microsoft, Lawrence Ellison of Oracle, Dhirubhai Ambani of Reliance, Michael Dell of Dell Computers, Steve Jobs of Apple, Subhashchandra Goel of Zee TV etc. have started ventures that are now earning in billions. So, it can be evidently concluded that it is NOT the money & education that are the essential ingredients of success, but, it is the dream, the necessary skills to turn those dreams into reality and the perseverance to ensure that you don’t give up in the middle!


  1. Jana Reddy had to wind up his finance business in the aftermath of a notice received from the Reserve Bank of India for some irregularities. But, he somehow managed to overcome that difficult phase and paid back the affected investors.


Lesson 2:   Difficulties & business are in-separable! So, it is the skills that you exhibit, the tact with which you handle those difficult situations & the extra effort that you put in, are the ones that matter the most. When you meet the difficulties, take it head-on! Don’t shy away or run away from them. More than 50% of your difficulties vanish, when you look at them with a determined eyes and a firm mind!


  1. At that point of time, China started growing as the center of all manufacturing activities. Their requirement for Iron & Manganese ores was un-satiable! Reddy, somehow, managed to get a mining license.


Lesson 3: Jana Reddy had difficulties in running the finance business in view of the RBI restrictions. But, he never sat idle ruing his decision to open the finance company. Instead, he started looking out for some other opportunities & the mining boom got his immediate attention. So, he did not waste anytime & directly jumped in to that business & achieved such a tremendous success, which is now history! Friends, this world is full of opportunities. So, always have a watchful eyes & ears for any new avenues! If you don’t find one, create  a situation, wherein, you can excel!!


  1. At the same point of time, he befriended, Sriramulu, a popular political leader in Karnataka and Andhra’s Y.S. Rajashekar Reddy, who also had lots of mining businesses.


Lesson 4: It is  very important in business that you have strategic friendships & alliances, just as Reddy had. This did Reddy wonders in the form of he & his brother becoming ministers in the Karnataka Government & got generous help from the Government of Andhra Pradesh to expand their mining business & setting up a huge steel plant. So, be shrewd enough to make strategically important moves, which would benefit you in the long run just as Lakshmi Mittal acquired Arsenals to become the leading manufacture of steel in the world & SPAN entered into a mutually beneficial arrangement with EDB Ergo group!


Let’s now analyze a few of the things that  Janardhan Reddy did WRONG, which brought him down to a CBI jail of size 10’X20’ loaded with criminals, thugs, mosquitoes, cockroaches, rats and of course without any of the luxuries!


  1. Jana Reddy was too ambitious (rather greedy).


Lesson 1:  This quality(?) is more than sufficient for a man to descend from the pinnacle of glory to the pits of utter shame! So, dear friends, we too have to be ambitious in our lives, else, the life can’t move on, but, ensure that we are not greedy. The greed grinds your progress to a halt!


  1. Jana Reddy did not care for the laws of land, as he had power in his hands.


Lesson 2:  The power & position are purely temporary! You may have the power & position today. But, there is no guarantee that you would continue to enjoy such power & position for the rest of your life. So, when you have power & position, don’t misuse your power to empower yourself to place yourself in a position that you can easily play with both your power & position!! The laws are there to be respected. Else, you are condemned to respect them!!


  1. Jana Reddy thought that his money can buy the MLAs, MPs, Officials & even the Law!


Lesson 3:  Jana Reddy ensured that he bought loads of MLAs, MPs, Officials to favor him from his money power! But, luckily for the state, he could not bulldoze the judiciary. So, money is not all, that matters always! The learned say, money can buy you a house, but, not a home! So, don’t always measure anything & everything in terms of money! It may not work out!

Shreevara Bharadwaj

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