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Mr Mohinder Sarin : 82 YEAR OLD HEALTH WORKER

                                                              Mr Mohinder Sarin : THE HEART OF GOLD

This is an inspirational story of an 82 year old resident of Noida who for the past 12 years has been daily single handedly taking care of poor and uneducated patients of the Noida District hospital.

He fills up hospital admission forms for the uneducated & helpless patients, purchases medicine for the poor who cannot afford them he does not belong to any NGO, nor does he wants to work with them he does not take financial help from anyone except immediate family, in fact seeing his dedication to help poor patients Chemist shops around the hospital give him discounts on his daily purchases of medicines for poor, some hospitals give discounts to patients taken by him for conducting test which are not available in the district hospital, these hospital owners & chemists contribute indirectly to the noble cause carried by him, Noida authority awarded him “The Noida Rattan award” , lot of NGO, and other social organisations based in Noida have facilitated him on different occasions for his selfless service in this field.

Some of the local Hindi News paper have written articles about him & the good work being done copies of some articles are enclosed for reference seeing  article today in “The Times of India”under the “Heart of Gold”. An English National New paper like the Times covering this will help in motivating the retired educated citizens who wish not to work under or with NGO’S and still do social service for the society to offer such selfless services to the poor patients in Delhi Government Hospitals even merely helping poor uneducated patients in filling up forms and guiding them to the right section etc will be of great help as they spend lot of time in queue’s and in the end realise that they were in the wrong line and have to come again the next day, all hospitals have to offer certain percentage of poor patients free treatment as per their agreement for lease of land but rarely do they get free treatment if some individuals can just do this service of enabling poor patients get their right to get treatment free/discounted it will be of great

One may conatct the gentleman through below numbers:

Noida government hospital Contact numbers for Mr Mohinder are :0120-2507736

Mobile- 7838667717

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Written by Ritesh Nanda

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