Movie review: the real great debaters

Inspired by the critically acclaimed Hollywood film The Great Debaters,

The Real Great Debaters of Wiley College unveils the true story of Wiley College’s 1935 debate team and their groundbreaking defeat of the all-white reigning national championship debate team at USC.

Shattering racial stereotypes and overcoming adversity against great odds, these courageous young debaters emerged triumphant, commanding not only the respect of their peers… but of the nation.

Influenced by their coach Melvin B. Tolson, the Wiley College debaters would go on to devote their talents to the causes of civil justice and social progress and become leaders in the Civil Rights Movement.

The film comes full-circle, as the legacies of The Great Debaters inspire Wiley’s new debate team as it seeks to reclaim its glory on the national stage.

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Written by arun_pandit


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