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What was the last time you felt awesome thinking about the fact that you have been blessed to live?

Today it’s a reminder to all We often grumble for not having some or the other thing. But have you ever thought, can anything come into existence without you being there? So before complaining about not having the car you wish to own or the job you want, or any other thing you wish to possess, remind yourself not to take your breath for granted because without it nothing can even exist.

It is the first thing and then everything else follows.  If you are looking for things to justify yourself and others with the fact that you have something special about you. Go ahead and tell yourself, the creator created you, he chose you, he thought you to be worthy enough to be given out to the world.

But why? That is your responsibility to find. He saw something in you which you perhaps may not be able to see at present but when you set yourself to discover it, believe, you are going to give out to yourself and the world;the best version of yourself. And yes never to forget.

“YOU ARE SPECIAL BECAUSE THE CREATOR CHOSE TO CREATE YOU” Do u still need to know what is so special about your existence?


What do you think?

Written by KritikaSehgal

Feeling the agony of my own struggles and then finding ways to heal I felt a strong voice in me saying
"for all forsaken and low, stand up, fight, smile and show"
And that day I set myself on a purpose to serve through my words,
to give hope to those who had lost it,
to heal the ones who were wounded,
to invoke valour in the dying spirits.
I pen down with the vision that someone somewhere may find his comfort reading it.

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