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Motivational Wallpaper On There Is So Much Life In Life By Kritika Sehgal

Still sleeping? Are you? In the bed of fear covering yourself with the cozy blanket of security? Not willing to get up thinking, fearing that if you loose this warmth then how are you going to live?  But ask yourself are you really living this way? Does this fear let you stream In so much of life present in each moment?

Get up darling! Don’t hold onto this warmth when there is so much of sunshine waiting for you to get immersed  in it.

Get up! It’s time to live. Live. Taste life before you really die. Don’t let the fear drive you. Keep it In your back seat and take the drive to the place where you feel your sunshine ? Are you rrrr ready?

 -Kritika Sehgal

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Written by KritikaSehgal

Feeling the agony of my own struggles and then finding ways to heal I felt a strong voice in me saying
"for all forsaken and low, stand up, fight, smile and show"
And that day I set myself on a purpose to serve through my words,
to give hope to those who had lost it,
to heal the ones who were wounded,
to invoke valour in the dying spirits.
I pen down with the vision that someone somewhere may find his comfort reading it.

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