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Motivational Song – Dhoop Aane Do

this image contains the poster of song Dhoop Aane Do by Rekha Bhardwaj and Vishal Bhardwaj

Motivational Song – Dhoop Aane Do is written by Gulzar. The soothing music of the song is given by Vishal Bhardwaj and singers are Vishal Bhardwaj and Rekha Bhardwaj

Lyrics of Dhoop Aane Do

Dhoop aane do
Dhoop aane do

Meethi meethi hain bohot
Khubsurat hain
Ujli rausan hain zaami
Gurki deeli hain
Gehri si seheri hawa
Utni hain iss pal

Lage na dhunna se hat kar
Jara si deer toh tehro
Dhoop aane do
Dhoop aane do

Aaftaab uthega To
Kirano se chhanega wo
Gehri zehrili si hawa mein
Roshni bhar denga wo

Meethi hamari zameen
Bimaar na hoo
Hath ke betho zara
Hath ke zara
Thodi jagah to do

Dhoop aane do
Dhoop aane do

Motivational Song – Dhoop Aane Do

Interesting Snippets about Song

About how the song and the collaboration came about, Gulzar shares, “I narrated it to Vishal, and he took it up. Ideology uski apni hai. We’ve decided we’ll do more songs in this period. Let’s have more songs and poems on saving the environment and earth. It’s a global cause” adding, “Both Vishal and Rekha are classical singers. Bahut ruhaaniyat (spiritualism) hai Rekha ki awaaz mein. And, Vishal is a wonderful singer. Both of them have done justice to the song.”

Due to the lockdown, the recording process was more complicated than usual. Rekha says, “Vishal learnt the software, recorded the song, and then uploaded on his iPad to send to musicians. Then, the chorus was added.” Vishal shot a video for which everything was rehearsed and planned. 

She added “Mere videos Vishal ne record kiye, phir kuch galat ho jata tha toh do-teen baar karna hota tha. From recording to shooting videos, it’s more hard work but the outcome is beautiful.”

Vishal adds, “Gulzar sahab’s cook shot his portions. My son and my assistant who lives nearby shot my video. All the musicians collaborated from their homes.”

Source: Times of India

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