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Motivational Poem On women Empowerment By Dontgiveup Team Member Geetha Shah

women empowerment @dontgiveupworld

Woman oh Woman.

You can be like a man

But do remain like a  woman.

You can have d strongest Emotions

But Let Proposing be the Privilege of the man.

You can Shoulder all the Responsibilites 

But let Man Feel the Ego of being a Bread earner of the Family.

Woman oh Woman

You can be like a man

But do remain like a woman

For you are the Unique Creation of God..

No man can be Strong and Yet Delicate as you can 

No man can bear the Pain of Birth as you can 

No man can Dress as you can

Although you can still wear the Pants 

Woman oh Woman 

You can be like a man 

But do remain a Woman..

Happy women’s day


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