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That urge became even strong and deep, to be a support for all those in need.  

To be that shoulder for them to weep,   to Pat their back and help them get back on feet.  

So that no one was left alone anymore, disgusted told they were no good for sure.  

So that they were not turned their back upon, to be with them from Dusk to Dawn.  

I’ll let no heart feel that despair,  Where they tear your soul and just compare.  

Where you are doubted for who you are, mortified for not being a success so far.  

They tell you you are not worth the fight, just leave you behind and feel so light.

God had sent us to learn and grow, to help others and not run and go.  

And that day when I felt that pain, I promised myself it want to be in vain.  

Something in me changed that day, as if being directed and shown a way.  

There were no more fears now, I closed my eyes and took a Vow. 

For all forsaken and low; stand up, fight, smile and show. 

To spread this message loud and clear, that everyone is special and God’s dear. 

Everyone has that hidden beauty, and to show it to all those who had lost HOPE is now my duty.


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Written by KritikaSehgal

Feeling the agony of my own struggles and then finding ways to heal I felt a strong voice in me saying
"for all forsaken and low, stand up, fight, smile and show"
And that day I set myself on a purpose to serve through my words,
to give hope to those who had lost it,
to heal the ones who were wounded,
to invoke valour in the dying spirits.
I pen down with the vision that someone somewhere may find his comfort reading it.

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