Motivational Poem : HAPPINESS by Dr Yashaswi

Motivational Poem  HAPPINESS by Dr YashaswiHAPPINESS


Where are you searching happiness?
It’s there where you are.
Don’t look for it here and there,
Don’t go anywhere,
Don’t go far.

Watching the sun set across the sea,
or seeing dewdrops on a flower.
A day spent in the arms of your love,
or driving your favorite car.

Helping a poor
or taking your dog for a walk.
Having a scoop of hot chocolate fudge,
or just watching two squirrels talk.

Reading a book,
or just taking a nap.
Have you tried watching a baby,
sleeping peacefully in your lap?

Don’t search for happiness anywhere,
it will not be found.
It is there where you are,
no need to go around.

Make it a ritual,
and smile every day.
Everything may not be right initially,
but eventually, it will be your way.

Don’t crib, don’t sulk,
always keep your smile ajar.
Where are you searching happiness?

 -Dr Yashaswi

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Written by YASHASWI


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