Motivational Poem : Fly Fly Fly !!!

Fly, Fly, Fly
You deserve to reach the sky
Flap your wings,
Like the kings,
Push yourself hard,
You hold the card.

The air may be still,
The heat may kill,
This is the time to strengthen your will.
Come on, enhance your reach,
Over the sky, sea and the beach.

The path will never be easy,
But the thrill of the journey will keep you busy,
There will be times when you may cry,
When your throat may run dry,
This is the time to double your try.

Your critics may point fingers,
The threat of defeat lingers,
But don’t be scared of falling,
This is the time to remember your calling,
That you are born to fly,
So bid your fears good bye.

You may be alone,
You may groan,
This is the time to transform the stone into milestone,
This is the time to carve out your throne.
Believe in yourself,
Take the leap,
And just fly, fly, fly!

What do you think?

Written by harsit

positive personality with zeal to excel


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