Motivational Poem Echoes Of The Whimsical Wind By Kritika Sehgal

The echoes of the whimsical wind
Withdrew the outrage of flickering belief
Evading the pain of hollow emptiness
It showed me the course……”the relief”

The echoes of the whimsical wind….

Scandalized by the shattering Endeavours,
When it seemed all gloomy and dark,
It murmered like the gospel in my ear,
It showed me the light……”the spark”

The echoes of the whimsical wind….

Holding the fragments of my broken dreams,
Splintered to ashes fell on the ground,
Soon percieved the glimpse of heaven,
It showed me the hope…..”the profound”

The echoes of the whimsical wind…

Contemplating life,
Looking at the sky with frozen eyes,
When i felt all lost and bizzare,
It showed me the courage….”the rise”

Echoes of the whimsical wind

Feeling the jeopardy of my shivering feet,
Agonized thinking there was no chance,
To tap again to the rythm of breath,
It showed me the move…..”the dance”

Echoes of the whimsical wind……..


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Written by Deepak Mahajan

I am Mechanical engineer by qualification ,Sales specialist by profession , Adventurous and innovative by passion !

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