Motivational Article on How To Avoid The Biggest Mistake You Always Make

There are plenty of ways to sabotage your personal goals, dreams and desires. Procrastination, however, is the number one killer. Procrastinators self-destruct. They hinder their own potential by placing colossal road-blocks along the path to success. In other words, they subconsciously choose to fail.

Nothing is so fatiguing as the eternal hanging on of an uncompleted task.
– William James

#1) Beware of Perfectionism
“It’s almost perfect… but not quite there yet. Just a few more tweaks next week.”

Sound familiar? Perfectionism stirs procrastination. It’s one of the easiest ways to blindly justify the act of putting things off. When you’re knee deep in preparation, it can be difficult to decide when to stop “preparing” and start the process of actually “doing”.

Remember, the state of perfection is an opinion. Trying to verify that everything is subjectively perfect will paralyze you 100% of the time.

#2) Start Right Now
The best way to know if you’re ready is to start right now. Then, if something isn’t working properly, change it. That’s the beauty of progress.

When I started my first side venture a few years ago I wasted a great deal of time waiting for the ideal moment, to get things just right, instead of spending more time on actionable steps to move my ideas forward.

Are you waiting for success to magically blossom like I was? Hoping that the stars will align and present you with the perfect moment to act? Guess what? No moment is better than this moment, so start now!

The only way it will happen is if you make it happen. So setup your goals, map out the necessary steps and start knocking them off one at a time. You’ll be amazed by the power of momentum. Once you start, it’s hard to stop.

#3) Complete 3 Simple Steps Everyday
At first glance, some tasks may seem mind-numbingly overwhelming, thus discouraging you from taking action. The solution is to break down complex tasks into simple, logical steps. I’ve said it before, take one bite of the elephant at a time.

The key to success is the sum of 3 steps a day. Dedicate yourself to completing 3 simple steps everyday that bring you closer to your goal. That’s it. It may only be 3 steps today, but you’ll complete 21 steps by this time next week and 84 steps by this time next month. The more you get done, the faster you’ll go, the easier it will get, and the closer you will be to your desired end result.

Bottom Line
Your life is short! Don’t waste it in a state of procrastination!

By Marc

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Written by Ritu Agarwal


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