MotivationaI POEM : I am walking

@COPYRIGHT Mike Howard

I am Walking

@COPYRIGHT Mike Howard
@COPYRIGHT Mike Howard

Like an oaf in the mire,
As a lout insouciant!!

I am walking down the roads,
Those I have never traversed before,
Not nonplus about where the path leads,
I keep walking as never indeed!!

Why not someone limn my past?
Are the ears under muffle?
Why not someone maul it?
With all these feelings creeping in heart,
I keep walking to never halt!!

Suddenly I look around,
I feel more alone seeing people sound,
Lupine Rushing streets,
No one eager to meet,
I keep walking to never take a seat!!

Should I arrange some litancy?
Will it help reading miscellany?
Can it stop this mayhem?
I feel insensate,
I keep walking without any mate!!

I suddenly halted at an obelisk,
Felt as if moving in would be a risk,
Infront is a man inordinate handsome,
Could lax my body to not to get inside,
I keep walking in with love at first sight!!

My heart vacillating like never before,
Thought to procrastinate,
Soon realized I have already crossed the gate,
My steps no more in control,
I walk and I want to walk no more!!

Not exactly nubile I reached him,
Looking at his eyes brownish-green,
He smiles silently,
The way I have never ever seen.
His eyes not noncommital,
Face like moon glitter!!

He hung his arm like integument,
Very soon I lost all my sentiment,
A relation beyond word,
I felt the whole world is absurd,
And with his love I feel to walk nomore!!!

What do you think?

Written by ritikagupta


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