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Motivating Poem on DESIRES

Motivating Poem on DESIRES

Motivating Poem on DESIRES

whats a desire?
a wish or a dream?
Its lyk a sponge cake,
without toppins of cream.

how far do u reach,
to accomplish ur desires;
till energy and commitment,
present in u fires.
desires still remain unending,
as the human soul is always demanding.

how it feels,
when desires are fulfilled;
with the sense of happiness,
emotions r sealed.
tears may run down
on the glossy cheeks.
on ur face,
the satisfactn speaks.

is fullfillment of all desires,
the end of life?
no, but its the stage,
when progress is on d edge of d knife.
thus, the desires shud remain unendin,
until ur contribution,
to d society is pending.

desires shud b such,
dat leave a mark,
for d world will c u,
as d eyes dat spark.
desires put ur life in a mould,
to make it difficult,
for d million hands to reach dat fold.

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