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Monday Morning Motivation – 1

Monday Motivation

Monday Morning Motivation – 1

Monday – the day which haunts people, the day which halts their fun of weekend! No one likes it when they are all stress-free and peacefully relaxing on the couch and then, out of nowhere, Monday comes along and punches them right in the face!
No matter you hate it Or Love it, you have to face Monday.
Feed yourself with thoughts full of energy and positivity and Inspire yourself to get out of your comfort zone and face this day with a warm hug!!
Don’t let any thoughts ruin your day, Feel Fresh and Fine and rock on till the break of Dawn.
Take your Motivation Capsule and you are good to go!!

You might get distracted, you might have to shift focus, you might lose faith at times,
Everyday is not the same. But never ever forget your aim. Get back in the GAME.

Today , try to meet the real you, do something that you love, introspect yourself. Give yourself some time. Keep hustling and keep growing.

On some days you need to work hard, But on a few days you need to work harder. Never get yourself tired of working harder than yesterday.

Monday Morning Motivation – 1

sometimes it’s just fine to sleep late, to miss a deadline, to ease yourself, to fail, or to do anything you feel like doing. Just make sure that you’re happy in the process.

Your mind need fuel to perform, it deserves a healthy space to live in, don’t feed junk, neither to your mind nor to your body. So read good, Eat Healthy and grow everyday.

Being kind doesn’t mean you are naive, being vociferous doesn’t mean you are rude, your behaviour largely depends upon your thoughts. Let them come out pure.

Humans are born to explore and not to confine, explore yourself, find out your greatest strength and your biggest enemy. Explore your love ones, find out their greatest sorrow. Explore your ideas, your goals, your truth, your lies, explore the real you.

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