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Guitar Tabs Ronan Keating When you say nothing

Guitar Tabs Ronan Keating Verse 1: G D Cadd9 D G D Cadd9 D It's amazing how you can speak right to my heart G D Cadd9 D...

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Guitar Tabs Bryan Adams Everything I do

Guitar Tabs Bryan Adams Guitar Tabs Bryan Adams   D(0232) A(2220) G(0003)Look Into my eyes There you'll see What you mean to A(2220)Me.... D(0232) A(2220) G(0003)Search your heart search...

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Guitar Tabs One Tree Hill When the stars go blue

Guitar Tabs One Tree Hill Hey this is the soundtrack from One Tree Hill. It's a really nice song and it's very easy to learn Standard tuning Chords:Am-01220xC-010230G-330023D-00232xDsus2-00023x Intro:Am...

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Guitar Tab Sinbad the Sailor Rock On Movie

Guitar Tab Sinbad the sailor G G/F G/E G/C One guitar keeps plays G and the other guitar plays G F E C… Then the bass plays...

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Guitar Tab Hotel California

Guitar Tab Hotel California On a dark desert highway, cool wind in my hairWarm smell of colitas, rising through the airUp ahead in the distance,...

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