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Phir se ud chala by Mohit Chauhan "Phir se ud chala - Rockstar" Phir se ud chalaUd ke chhoda haiJahaan neecheinMein tumhare ab hoonHavaale havaa Ab door door log bag meelonDoor yeh waadiyanPhirDhuaa...

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Spotlight (Lyrical Song) by Selena Gomez "Spotlight - Selena Gomez" I can tell by the way you feelSomething ain't going your wayJeans too tight and your hair ain't rightWe all get...

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Amul Manthan: Mero gaam |TV commercial Remember mero gaam kathey pero - title song from national award winning film Malang (1976). "Mero Gaam- Amul Manthan" Mero gaam kathyawaadJaa dudh ki nadiyaa...

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