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Gandhi Jayanti

Gandhi Jayanti celebrates the idea of independence, sacrifice and success. Mahatma Gandhi is the symbol trust and peace. Known as the prominent leader in freedom struggle, Gandhi preached about non-violence, truth, his vision of democratic India, ethics, etc. He has inspired the whole world with his philosophy and is still remembered till date as a […] More

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The Right Track

After Covid-19 pandemic hitting the world, it has restricted even the day to day activities & has locked down people in their homes. Amid this new lifestyle of social distancing encell_ubs of University Business School, Panjab University has come up with a new way to conduct the Walking, Running and Cycling Competition – The Right […] More

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Top 10 Motivational Speakers

To enlighten you, we came up with the list of the Top 10 Motivational Speakers of the world. These impulsive and passionate speakers have a positive mindset and they bring new energy and hope through their words, and make great impacts that push you to achieve greatness !! Life is full of ups and downs, […] More

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Unstoppable Sonu Sood – Masiha for Migrant Workers

Bollywood Superstar, who is famous for playing Villain and Negative roles on-camera, turned out to be Superhero off-camera. Sonu Sood nowadays has been given names like Masiha, Warrior, God, Protector, Defender, Corona Warrior Sonu Sood, and many more by the poor migrant workers and all those who were helped by him single-handedly, when no one […] More

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15 Best Dhirubhai Ambani Quotes on Dreaming Big

Dhirubhai Ambani, is not an unheard name to an Indian, As he was the One who Taught us how Hard work and Dedication can lead us to unimagined heights of success. As the founder of India’s largest private firm and second-largest publicly traded company in the country, Reliance Industries, Dhirubhai Ambani has undoubtedly made enormous […] More

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APJ Abdul Kalam 20 Inspiring Quotes and Life Lessons

Abdul Kalam Inspiring Quotes A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, the 11th President of India and a pioneer of the country’s space and missile programmes was not the Hero we deserved but the hero we needed. Kalam Ji was Symbol of Love – Symbol of Humanity – Symbol of Kindness – Symbol of Devotion, truly a Legend in […] More

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Nelson Mandela Wisdom Quotes

Here is a collection of Nelson Mandela Wisdom Quotes Some personalities are born to re-create the history and South Africa’s first black President Nelson Mandela was one of them. He was widely regarded as an icon of democracy and social justice. Mandela was a controversial figure for much of his life but he gained international acclaim […] More

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Narendra Modi Inspiring Quotes for Youth

Here is the collection of Narendra Modi Inspiring Quotes Narendra Modi, a man of mission, a man of vision, a man of potential and man of purpose. From a low-key tea seller to reputed Prime Minster, this man has seen all the struggles of life, yet came out as a winner every time. Brief Intro […] More

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Bal Gangadhar Tilak | Powerful Quotes in Hindi & English

Bal Gangadhar Tilak | Powerful Quotes in Hindi & English Bal Gangadhar Tilak was born on July 23, 1856, in Ratnagiri India and died on August 1, 1920, in Bombay. Tilak was a scholar, mathematician, philosopher, and ardent nationalist who helped lay the foundation for India’s independence by building his own defiance of British rule into a national movement. He […] More

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Buddha Lessons | The Eight Fold Path

Buddha Lessons The Noble Eightfold Path, as its name implies, is a path with eight parts, each of them noble in the sense that they are based on doing no harm. View Thought Speech Action Livelihood Effort Mindfulness Concentration In many translations, the word “Right” comes before each of these, but the word “Noble” also […] More

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