Make your impossible dreams come true by Nivedha RM

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I am Nivedha RM CEO & Founder at Trashcon Labs Private Limited. Bengaluru, Karnataka, India. Someone who believes that the skills and education one is bestowed with should be put across to the benefit of the society. With the same ideal and a great amount of passion, I started ‘Trashcon Waste Management’ at the age of 21. I co-founded an NGO at the age of 17 and continued it for four years during my graduation. To sum me up, I believe in ‘creating an impact’. If each of us could do our bit of good, the world could be a better place to live in. I have been blessed to be supported by a great team, mentors, and establishments. Trashcon has won several awards and recognition globally. I envision that there be a day when there is no waste dumped on the streets.

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