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Friends, we have often heard about the stories of a Magical lamp and a Genni…

How many of you believe it ????????

Well i am sure you might think it was a story that was told to entertain the children!

But its true!!!


Please don’t be! As u will shortly believe it……. Just be with me!

The Universe we stay in, has a lot for all of us! Its  because of our own short comings that we feel, the universe doesn’t have sufficient for everyone! Try to see what i am seeing! And Surprisingly its the same, magical lamp type, procedure to fulfill your wishes! You make a wish and universe fulfills it!

You might have heard this in hindi “Agar koi  cheej tum sache dil se chaho, to poori kaenaat tumhe usse milane me lag jati hai……

ie…”If u wish something from heart, the whole universe will try to get that thing for u…”

Got the connection???????

So to get something, all u need to do is wish for it…. Demand it from Universe! Feel that thing in your heart and then be prepared to receive that thing!

Now this step is very important…. Be prepared to receive it…..Keep wishing it……Keep Feeling it….

And do everything that can take u, a step nearer to achieving that thing! One actually gets what he wishes for! If u keep wishing it but do not believe it then the NOT Part over rides it! And u dont receive it!  So BELIEVE IT………LIVE IT…..FEEL IT and u will GET IT……

Isn’t that simple…….Try it and You will believe it….

Everyone has the Magical Lamp, all u need to do is to RUB IT and MAKE A WISH……..

so what are u waiting for????

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