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Love Conquers all , even Cancer : The Inspiring Story of NITIE Alumni Abhishek & Pooja

I meet Abhishek Dutta, an Alumni of NITIE , one of the most prestigious Supply Chain institute of India at Loadshare Networks East Partners meet in Kolkata . We were assigned the same room for the event . During the night we were having a casual discussion about few of our supply chain pilots and our mutual love for Arsenal . In this brief engagement , I got to know about his inspiring love story . How his love story was similar to the ” The Two states ” Story albeit much more inspiring and true . How a 5 month long relationship was gripped by the horrendous clutches of Cancer and how he and Pooja together with the help of their friends , family and NITIE successfully overcame all obstacles and won the back breaking death defying battle against cancer .

When I first saw his DP for whatsapp I thought that the short hair is a fashion statement but now I realize that its a life statement . It’s a statement that love heals everything . That true love is forever and it can conquer the deadliest of the situations …. Even Cancer ! Words cannot describe how much touched and inspired I am to hear your story Abhishek & Pooja ! In today’s mad and mean world of lust and attraction often mistaken for love , your story gives hope as well as inspiration to millions !

Please find below their story in the words of Abhishek !

Pooja and I had been dating for only 5 months, living life to fullest; visiting quaint cafes all across Mumbai, catching every movie on Friday and having a great time together in general when she was offered a Pre Placement Offer by a India’s largest Paint manufacturer. Our joy was short lived when only a few days later, she felt a lump in her breast.

She underwent a surgery at Hiranandani Hospital but biopsy reports confirmed that the tumour was malignant. We then decided to get a second opinion from Kokilaben Hospital and Tata Memorial Hospital who advised us to go for another reconstruction surgery followed by multiple rounds of Chemotherapy, Radiation and Targeted therapy.

There was a time when we didnt have enough money to meet her expenses but my friends and our college alumni helped raise enough money for her treatment. The fact that strangers were willing to open up their purses and hearts for us overwhelmed us. A year has passed since her diagnosis and hospital visits have become commonplace for us now, but never have I ever seen her lose courage or the calm demeanour that she is known to possess. She is on the verge of completion of her treatment and the docs are hopeful of a full recovery.

A week back, our parents met for the first time during our convocation and thankfully, everything went well. My mom chatted with her late into the evening like long lost friends and it was definitely a sight to behold. It was like our own Two States moment. ?

The times have been tough but we have indeed sailed through with each other, by our side.

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Written by Arun Pandit

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