Legends vs Winners, Sushil Kumar

Many times when we read or listen to the story of a person who has overcome great obstacles and has achieved great heights, a doubt or a thought creeps in our mind that there must be some element of luck in his success.This could be true in some cases, but History reveals that Hard Work, Determination and Self Believe are the factors that differentiate Legends from Winners.

Legends are less favored by Luck than winners are. Legends have to overcome greatest of the obstacles.An Indian wrestler, Sushil Kumar’s Journey in London Olympics is the recent story of a Legend. He not only improved upon his performance from previous Olympics, but also became first Indian to win Medals in consecutive Olympics. But the real story lies in his performance at London Olympics. At the very early stage of competition he had to overcome a great hurdle. He had to beat Last time Olympic Gold medalist. Despite losing the first set to his strong opponent, he came back strongly in second set and then was responsible for one of the greatest upsets.He moved strongly ahead in next games till he reached Semifinals. Luck was certainly not in his favor, though he won the first set, his opponent Akzhurek Tanatarov of Kazakhstan proved out to be better in second set and the dominance of Akzhurek Tanatarov of Kazakhstan was clear when he secured 3 points against Sushil in first 25 seconds.The 3 point lead in professional wrestling is thought to be certain victory in that set and a normal human being could have given up easily. But aware this fact and aware of his opponents skills Sushil kept on fighting.

Just when everyone of us thought that Akzhurek Tanatarov has stopped Sushil from advancing further, Legend rose with one of the toughest moves,Irani. He scored 3 points with this elegant move but he didn’t give up here. He Pulled out all his and held his strong opponent for five seconds to score two extra points and pulled the game towards himself. He wasn’t satisfied with this yet, he displayed his skills further by scoring one more point by picking up Akzhurek on his strong shoulders and pinning to ground later to make sure that his opponent didn’t have any chance to come back. Only claps could follow this endeavor, words were not enough. The set ended in favor of Sushil and he advanced to Finals creating history which Indians could only dream of.

Though Sushil lost in Final and could claim only a Silver Medal. But his skills, hard work and perseverance impressed people from all countries, could be inferred from people chanting his Name and supporting him in his lost battle.

The story is short, Moral is simple yet very strong ” Don’t Give Up”.

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Written by Vaibhav


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