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Introspective Wallpaper On Mess To Growth By Kritika Sehgal

Mess To Growth By Kritika Sehgal -Dontgiveupworld ©
Mess To Growth By Kritika Sehgal -Dontgiveupworld ©

It is your mind that tells you whether the situation is a mess or whether you perceive it as something that can be managed. How you end up in the situation depends on how you see it. 

If your mind tells you that the situation is a mess, it is due to the deep rooted conditioning it has. 

Let’s break the old thinking patterns. Let’s take the control of whatever comes your way. Instead of seeing it as a menace; see it as something that you can manage with your wisdom. 

The first thing which you do when you shift to this new thinking pattern is, you accept the situation unlike the old pattern where you repelled it. 

As soon as you accept what has come, your mind automatically starts working towards the solutions. The time wasted in repelling the situation because of the old thinking pattern is now wisely utilized in deriving solution 

So begin this new practice. Let your approach shift from a negative reaction to a positive response. 

New positive thought pattern will lead to new positive results.

– Kritika Sehgal

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Written by KritikaSehgal

Feeling the agony of my own struggles and then finding ways to heal I felt a strong voice in me saying
"for all forsaken and low, stand up, fight, smile and show"
And that day I set myself on a purpose to serve through my words,
to give hope to those who had lost it,
to heal the ones who were wounded,
to invoke valour in the dying spirits.
I pen down with the vision that someone somewhere may find his comfort reading it.

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