Introspective Speech On Poverty By Rutger Bregman

One of the things that modern-day developing world fighting right now is poverty. Poverty is nothing but the inaccessibility of a person to access all the requisite needs that will help him to stand on his own in the society. The requisite needs include proper hygiene environment, shelter, clothing and better education for social communication and self-development. But all these things are tightly tied to money, those people who have money will access all these needs and lead a better life and those people who don’t have money won’t be able to access all these needs and crumble down day by day until they got themselves in a helpless situation. 

Rutger Bregman, a historian in this TeD talk discusses a concept of Basic Income Guarantee and provides a scientifically backed research to alleviate poverty. He provides an example of a research in Canadian town Dauphin, which is now a poverty less place on Earth. Rutger urges all governments to provide this Basic Income Guarantee as a fundamental right.

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