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Blake Leeper was born with both legs missing below the knee, and has worn prosthetics since nine months of age. In his childhood, Blake participated in various sports, baseball, basketball etc. with his dad coaching. Blake credits his outstanding positive attitude to his family.

Leeper made his international debut in 2009 at Rio de Janeiro. In 2011 he won a silver medal in the World Championships 4 × 100 m Relay T42-46 classification with a time of 42.84.Leeper was chosen by the US Paralympics to represent Team USA in Rio 2016. At the Paralympic trials, he set a new American record in the 200m with a time of 21.5 and a new America’s record in the 400m at 46.1. He took silver in the 100m despite losing a prosthetic leg crossing the finish line.

In this video leeper shares about his life and times he felt like giving up. Leeper says life is 10% of what you’re dealt with and 90% on how you deal with it. A lot people deal with our 10% and forget it’s only 10% you know to me my 10% of my legs ,I miss my legs I can’t I can’t change that I still have 90% to show the world.

What I truly can do I still have 90% to put a smile on my face walk out the door with my legs and go and take on whatever life throws at me. We as human sometimes get caught up and rest really doesn’t matter right.
When you can look at yourself in the mirror right and say this is my flaws in all this is Who I am. That’s when you start taking control of your life. You know what I am short I am tall I am I am this I am that Accept that because only 10% of who we are but you still have 90 percent to show the world what you truly can do if you can grasp on to that concept and nothing can stop you. It’s not how hard you can hit right It’s how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward.

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