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Inspirational Story (Aditi Bhandari) -For 5 Years I Lived With This Pain In My Heart

Inspirational Story Of Aditi Bhandari

“In our childhood we are often asked what we want to become when we grow up. For me the answer was always “A Doctor”. At the age of 10 I had decided that I will become a doctor. The mere idea of putting on that white coat, used to gave me a thrill. After my 12th I was in a dilemma to go for MBBS or BDS. With some guidance and soul searching I decided to opt for BDS. I cracked Manipal exam and got a seat for BDS but my father wanted me to do BDS from my state Madhya Pradesh so I could not go to Manipal.

Due to narrow mentality of our ”modern” society, my parents used to hear from many people “ladki hai,kya karegi medical karke,shadi kab karegi and all..”due to society’s pressure my parents made me to leave the medical stream and got me into a management college against my will. I did everything I could do to convince my parents but all went in vain. 3 years of my bachelors(BBA) and two years of my Masters (MBA) just passed. I was performing good in my academics and I had job offer too but my heart was not happy. My heart was still in BDS.

Every night I went to sleep I just regretted doing management studies. For 5 years I lived with a pain in my heart that I could not live my dream. Every time I saw someone wearing a white coat, it kind of burned my heart. One day I could not take it any more, after my 1st year of MBA, I called my father and told him that ”I am not satisfied doing MBA, I did what you wanted me to do, now let me do what I want to, let me do BDS”. Deep inside I knew he will never agree to it but it was a miracle that he agreed to it and said yes.

After completing my MBA I had decided that I am going to take admission in medical college. Going back to graduation after completing my masters was like starting from square one but I could not let go of my passion and I knew my happiness was in dentistry,so it was not that tough decision for me after all.

Most of my relatives said that I am not taking the right decision. They used to tell me that its better to do a job and earn.Some of them used to ask me ”when will you marry and have kids if you are going to do BDS?”. Most of the people tried to divert me from my decision.

There was a time in my life when I thought that if I didn’t get to do BDS, I will just end my life because for me BDS was my life. Now questions and opinions of people didn’t bother me anymore because this time I was prepared to do anything for my passion. I wanted to break the stereotype that a person with passion can go back to graduation even after having a masters and that there is more to a girl’s life than getting married and having children.

“Its never too late to chase your dreams” this saying came true in my case. Wearing that white coat was the happiest day of my life.

When you want to chase your dreams,when you want to go against society’s set norms,when you want to travel the path less travelled, you will find many people standing against you and you will have a very little support. But do not give up. After following your passion may be you will earn lesser money, may be you will live in a smaller house, may be you will drive a smaller car but the happiness of following your dreams will be unmatched to the fake and temporary happiness a bigger bank balance, a bigger house and a bigger car can ever give you because believe me going for your dream will always be a better choice than regretting and living with a pinch in your heart that you could not live a life that you dreamt for yourself.”

Submitted By – Aditi Bhandari

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Written by Deepak Mahajan

I am Mechanical engineer by qualification ,Sales specialist by profession , Adventurous and innovative by passion !

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