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At times you may feel alone or lost; like you were born at the wrong time, or into the wrong circumstances. As if you are in constant search for a lost ‘something.” That something is the light within you!
You may have had a glimpse at the light every now and again and it gives you comfort, like a “coming home” sort of feeling. It stays with you for a time but diminishes as you move along. It comes back to visit and as much as you want it to stay with you, it fades.
Maybe you have seen that light in another and it gives you hope. You convince yourself that their light is enough for you to be happy. After some time, no matter how warmly their light radiates, you are left with an even greater longing for that unknown “missing piece” in you.
The beautiful terrible truth is that you have had it with you the entire time. You have always had the answer. You have always had the road map to the way HOME. You just convinced yourself that you didn’t. You believed that you were lost on this journey.
Why didn’t anyone tell you this before? Why wouldn’t your family or friends tell you that it doesn’t have to be so hard? Most likely, they didn’t know either. It could be that they were busy looking for their own light or they assumed you would be alright without yours. Perhaps they said “If it’s good enough for me, it’s surely good enough for you!” But it isn’t “good enough,” is it?
Would you have really understood the answer if someone gave it to you? You couldn’t find it any sooner because you
needed to be lost; you needed the trials, tribulations and lessons. You couldn’t see it because you didn’t know what you were truly looking for. The light, that ‘thing’, that happiness is, unequivocally, undeniably, unconditional love. And it has always been inside you.
Self-Love !
It is what you feel radiating from inside you every now and again. It is that universal light from every thing that ever was. It makes you weep with joy. It was never separate from you. It is the source that made all of us. You just need to realize it was always in your hands.
For a time, it was extinguished, either by another’s actions or your own beliefs. You convince yourself that you are not lovable, that you only matter when someone else tells you that you do. We become the reflection we see in someone else’s eyes.
When you see a newborn baby, do you not see perfection? Do you not see a future of hope and potential? Do you criticize a newborn for crying, or not knowing how to survive on his own? NO! You cradle him, holding him close to your heart, showering him with love and kindness.
You are a newborn soul on this planet. You are learning new things every day. Your birth years are insignificant. It is your soul years that matter. Cradle your soul and give it unconditional love.

Be patient with yourself as you learn your lessons. Forgive yourself and others for mistreating your soul and letting your light fade.
Loving yourself will reignite the light within you and guide and warm others to do the same.

What do you think?


Written by Shiva Sai Teja

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