If You’re Suffering From Depression, Stephen Hawking’s Brilliant Advice Might Come In Handy

Stephen Hawking@dontgiveupworld
Stephen Hawking - Dontgiveupworld

Stephen Hawking@dontgiveupworld

Stephen Hawking, who recently turned 74, may be a world-renowned scientist for his amazing insights on theoretical physics as well as cosmology. However, he’s also known for his sensitive soul, and recently he shared to the world his views on an emotional issue that we should all take into consideration.

In a recent talk, Hawking offered a brilliant advice to all the people who are suffering from depression. In order to explain what depression is, he gave the analogy of black holes, pointing out that no mater how dark they might appear to be, in reality they are not impossible to escape, and the same goes with depression. Hawking said:

“The message of this lecture is that black holes aren’t as black as they are painted. They are not the eternal prisons they were once though…things can get out of a black hole both on the outside and possibly to another universe. So if you feel you are in a black hole, don’t give up – there’s a way out.”

Over 50 years ago, Hawking was diagnosed with motor neuron disease that gradually paralyzed him over the decades. However, Hawking had a mission in life–to educate people–and his serious condition never made him give up his efforts to achieve that.

In the year of 1963, Hawking delivered a powerful speech to an audience of more than 400 people as part of the Reith lecture at the Royal Institute in London. Lucy, Hawking’s daughter, noted his incredible intellectual and emotional fitness.

“He has a very enviable wish to keep going and the ability to summon all his reserves, all his energy, all his mental focus and press them all into that goal of keeping going.”

“But not just to keep going for the purposes of survival but to transcend this by producing extraordinary work – writing books, giving lectures, inspiring other people with neurodegenerative and other disabilities.”

Suffering from this debilitating disease yet having a positive outlook on life, Hawking is pure inspiration for all those who are going through difficult times, whether suffering from depression or another condition. His presence reminds us that, no matter how bad it might seem, we should always have a positive outlook and attitude, and never stop trying to find a way out of anything that is keeping us down.



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Written by Shiva Sai Teja

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