I Am Me

I am me
with freedom and
the wits and courage
to fight for my right
to respect and be respected
I am me
I become a useful person
who could make a little
difference in the lives
of the people around me
I am me
truly honestly accepting
myself for who I am
I will never be the smartest.funniest.
prettiest.most talented
but I am me
and I’m pretty darned fabulous
in my own way and
I try to learn new things
all the time and be kind
and have the sound of moral compass
and I care about what happens
in the world around me
I am me…!!

What do you think?

Written by Veerat Marwah

Born on 18 Jan 1989, New Delhi Electrical 2010 passout.
Currently Working as an Electrical Engineer with Hindustan Construction Company, for DMRC(Delhi Metro) Project


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