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How This Father Carried Disabled Son To School For 3 Years On His Back Will Fill Your Heart With Joy This Father’s Day

A young boy named Dinesh, who is 90% physically challenged and belongs to a poor family, recently scored 93.75% in the SSLC examination.

Despite being 90% physically challenged, he achieved what others could not. Dinesh has no control over his body’s motor activities, said his father Beera Gouda, an agricultural labourer who also doubles as a coolie.”When he was born, we realized he has no control over his legs. For me, the future looked dark, and I wept whenever I thought about Dinesh. We are poor, but I was firm that despite all the disadvantages, Dinesh must get a good education,” he said.

The family lives in Harkade, a tiny village in Kumta taluk. Dinesh’s elder brother is doing his BA in a college in Kumta. “Despite all odds, we admitted him in a Kannada medium primary school in our village. Every day, I had to physically lift him up and take him to school and bring him home, a distance of about 1km.

After SSLC, he joined DJVS High School in Divagi village, which about 3km from our house. Dinesh cannot sit on a bicycle, so I had to carry him. As Dinesh grew I faced a lot of difficulty, particularly during the rainy season. But I wanted to educate him at any cost and his determination to study helped us overcome all difficulties,” said Gouda.

Dinesh said but for the help of his parents and teachers, he would not have aced the examination. “My parents and teachers never looked down on me because of my physical disability. They always encouraged me to study hard and ensured I got every help at every step. I understand the difficulty of my father who lifted me physically to go to school, which is 3km away from my house. He did it for 3 years without a murmur. I was inspired by my father’s determination to educate me and I took the exam as a challenge,” he said. Dinesh can write and read without help.

His teachers knew from the beginning that Dinesh would excel in the exams but the results were above their expectations.

Beera admits that it will be difficult for Dinesh to go to Kumta by bus everyday to attend college. Hence, Dinesh will be doing his further studies through correspondence.

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