Happiness depends upon ourselves

Happiness depends upon ourselves


In a bustling city where time races like a sprinter, we often forget the simple truth: “Happiness depends upon ourselves.” It’s not a fleeting emotion bestowed by external circumstances; rather, it’s an inner garden we tend to, nurturing its blooms and pulling out the weeds.

The Morning Ritual

Every morning, as the sun stretches its golden arms across the horizon, Sarah practices her happiness ritual. She sits cross-legged on her balcony, eyes closed, and breathes in the crisp air. The city’s cacophony fades, replaced by the rhythm of her heartbeat. In this stillness, she finds solace.

The Weeds of Comparison

Sarah’s neighbor, Mr. Johnson, lives in perpetual discontent. His lush garden is overshadowed by envy. He compares his roses to others’, measuring their petals and fragrance. But Sarah knows better. She waters her own flowers, appreciating their uniqueness. She whispers to the daisies, “You’re enough.”

The Joy of Small Things

Happiness hides in the mundane. Sarah’s morning coffee, brewed just right, warms her soul. The way her cat, Whiskers, curls up beside her laptop—contentment in fur form. She writes, her fingers dancing across the keyboard, creating stories that ripple through hearts. Each word is a brushstroke on her canvas of joy.

The Passive Path to Bliss

Sometimes, happiness arrives unannounced. Like the rain tapping on her window, it whispers, “You’re alive.” Sarah embraces the passive voice of existence. She doesn’t chase happiness; she lets it find her. In the quiet moments, when raindrops kiss her cheeks, she feels complete.

Navigating Storms

Life isn’t all sunshine. Storms brew, tearing at her petals. Yet, Sarah knows resilience. She bends but doesn’t break. When her job unravels like a frayed thread, she weaves a new tapestry. When love fades, she plants seeds of self-love. Happiness, she learns, is a sturdy umbrella against life’s downpour.


As the day wanes, Sarah gazes at the stars. Their ancient light whispers secrets: “Happiness depends upon ourselves.” It’s not a distant constellation; it’s within reach. She smiles, knowing that her garden thrives because she tends to it. And so, dear reader, tend to yours. Water your happiness, pull out the weeds of comparison, and let your soul bloom.

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Success is the result of effort dreams and luck

Success is the result of effort dreams and luck

Believe in yourself and you will achieve greatness

Believe in yourself and you will achieve greatness