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From Grief to Belief by Vanita Sinha

From Grief to Belief by Vanita Sinha

                I recently lost my very loving, beautiful and intelligent 13yrs old healthy pet dog TIMMY.which has shocked my life and system very painfully as he was very precious to me and was my best friend I feel totally lost and life has lost its spirit and all energy but the lessons my pet is imparting to me is unimaginable and I am on a totally transformed path he proved that life is too short and not a moment to be wasted and lived fully and wisely.I feel very guilty that I took his life for granted and could not save him rather panicked and lost him in an accidental way the doctors were all inhuman.

         Timmy has saved my life was very sharp and intelligent and expressed everything through his beautiful eyes,still he is continuing to teach me through all his pure positive and highest qualities which he possessed that selfless and unconditional love and valuable lessons all highest values and being with me in my fights and struggles and to fight till the end and not give up as he fought till his last.

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