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Free Coursera Online Courses with Certificate

Dear Friends, here are some free Coursera Online Learning Courses with Certificate. This post is in continuation of the previous post on free Udemy courses shared a few days back. That post garnered more than 1000 views and thousands of courses were availed for free by our viewers across the world.

We are now going to share some online cources which will provide you the knowledge along with a certificate at Coursera. These are quota based and needs to be availed at the earliest.

Course Titles and Links Here

These are the Main Course Pages which needs to be refreshed in case you are not able to see the Banner for Free Course

Read this page very carefully to get to know the steps completely, along with the details I have already described above.

Free Coursera Courses Online

Coursera giving Free Certificate Courses, please don’t enroll for all the course just because it’s free, enroll for the ones which are relevant to you and refer the other ones to others instead.

Someone who actually needs the course might get benefited as these are Quota based courses and are available for a limited number of Enrollments.

Free online courses for mental health and well-being: 

Mental Health Courses :

From de-mystifying mindfulness to understanding the science of happiness, we’ve collected top wellness courses to help you prioritize mental health and well-being during these uncertain times.

Free online courses for high school students: 

Online Courses for High School Students

From calculus to guitar for beginners, we’ve rounded up courses to help high school students everywhere keep learning.

Free online courses for college students:

Online Courses for College Students

From preparing for an interview to learning data science, we’ve collected courses to make it easier to keep learning. 

Free online courses for career development: 

Online Courses for Career Development

From creative problem solving to personal branding, we identified courses to help you build important career skills.

Free online courses for building your cloud technology career: 

Online Courses for Cloud Technology.

From machine learning to cloud computing, we’ve curated a set of courses to help you grow your career in an increasingly digital world. 

Free online courses for understanding public health: 

Online Courses for Public Health

From the science behind COVID-19 to communicating during global emergencies, we’re making popular public health courses completely free. 

Free online courses in Spanish: 

Online Courses for Spanish

From wellness to professional development, we’re making popular Spanish-language courses available for free. There may be other course Links mentioned on the page, please proceed to explore them at your own discretion.

Steps required to get free online courses :

1. Enrolling for Free certificates will work from the browser and not the Coursera mobile app. It is recommended that you register via a laptop or desktop web browser else you can also register via a mobile browser.

2. Some may not be able to see the discount when they arrive at the course page on Coursera, wait for the promotional banner to appear at the top, and only then click on Enroll for Free. If you don’t see the banner, please refresh the main Course Page as mentioned below. If still, you won’t get the banner, try clearing your browsing history, cookies and Cache (Worked for me for few courses)  

3. A few of the courses are already free and you won’t get any option of enrolling for the Certificate program.

I am providing Masterlink to the courses in the post below because as per discussion with Coursera Team the direct link won’t work many times, as cookies are set from the main Course page and for enrolling into individual courses you may need to refresh the Main Course page again and again after

The process you have to follow is mentioned in below steps – Read the complete post carefully and completely

1. Disable Adblocker to find out the ribbon mentioning if the course is free or not as shown in the image below

2. Click on Enroll in course for Free and Select the, Purchase course option

3. Click on Continue and Go to Payment Page – you will see the discount applied and course fees as Zero

4. Click on Pay Now, you will be greeted with Congratulation Message for Successful free Certificate Enrollment

5. To be eligible for the certificate, make sure you complete the course within 6 months of enrolling.

6. Worried that you have already enrolled in the course for Free with only Audit Access without Certificate. Don’t worry!
Un-Enroll from the course and then you can Enroll Again with a free Certificate, by following the above-mentioned steps.

To get a better understanding you can watch the video explanation from here – 

Step by Step Tutorial

Some of the courses might have exhausted their quota and may not available with Free certificates now but you can still enroll for free and learn without a certificate .

Happy Learning !

You can also visit Coursera here.

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Written by Hasna Singh

Currently running for Aesthetics, Old-school Stuff and becoming an Exception.


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