Focus On Being Productive

“Nothing will work unless you do” – Maya Angelou
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We all face trials and tribulations, whatever the reason may have been, in the past or in the present, try to turn to two things.
1.Trusting in the Devine Power
2.YOUR OWN ability to create work

When you feel like you do not have answers to questions you may have in this moment, understand you may not have the answer today, but it will come in time. You will not be the one to decide when the answer comes to you, let the higher source take care of that.

Nothing will happen in the time you ordain it to, the only thing you have control over is YOUR MIND.

Keep your mind busy by becoming productive.
There is always something you can do for yourself. Your problems may not go away entirely, but at the very least, you are shifting YOUR FOCUS from anguish, desperation and despondency to something that WILL lead YOU to abundance, becoming advantageous and becoming much more productive.
If you are already employed in a company, be the best you can be in that job and work towards the top so that you are always striving to be the best you can be in your workplace. Leave your worries behind for the moment and just focus on becoming more constructive.
When you become more dynamic and creative, the chaos you might feel will slowly leave your mind.
Focus with strength, clarity and precision to make YOUR LIFE BETTER . Like a shooting star, going to its destination, you too will fly to where you want to be. THE POWER FROM THE HIGHER SOURCE LIES WITHIN YOUR SOUL.
“ If light is in your heart, you will find your way home” -Rumi

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Written by Shiva Sai Teja

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