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Farewell to a Fighter: John Nash ” The Beautiful Mind ” by Deepali Pandit

Farewell to a Fighter: John Nash

John Forbes Nash

Born in a small town in West Virginia, he did big wonders in the wide world. From solving great theoretical problems to battling mental illness, he experienced it all. Life blessed him with a beautiful mind but it also cursed the same mind with mental illness. Like everyone else he also had his share of ups and downs. He won few battles, he lost few too. But that never ending spirit of not giving up made him what he was. Today he might not be with us but his life is a big inspiration to one and all. John Forbes Nash, the famous American mathematician along with his wife Alicia Nash lost their lives in a tragic car accident.

John nash with wife when young

Nash studied for three years at the Carnegie Institute of Technology. Later he moved to Princeton University where he worked on his equilibrium theory. In 1950 he received his doctorate on non-cooperative games. The thesis had the definition and properties of the famous Nash Equilibrium, which later led to his Nobel Prize. Nash’s achievements in mathematics were remarkable, he was known for the originality of his thinking and his courage in solving difficult problems which people used to avoid. After receiving his doctorate from Princeton university, Nash worked as an instructor at (M.I.T) where he met his wife Alicia Larde an M.I.T. major in physics, whom he soon got married with. Everything was going fine in his professional life, but his personal life became complex after his wife got pregnant with their first child.

John Nash

In 1959, Nash started feeling mental disturbances. He suffered from delusions and extreme paranoia. H e had to quit his position in MIT. Alicia later got him admitted to the McLean Hospital where he was treated for schizophrenia. Nash was disturbed in this way for a very long period of time of almost four decades. However, he gradually improved and his mental state recovered by the time he won Nobel Prize in 1994.

John Nash and wife

Oscar winning Hollywood movie “A Beautiful Mind” was based on the inspiring life of John Nash. Hollywood actor, Russel Crowe played John Nash’s character in the film. The movie was directed by Ron Howard. The movie reflects the highs and lows of John Nash’s life.


Facing mental illness for such a long period was a very painful experience for Nash. But he fought it all and got rid of it. It saddens to see that after defeating mental illness he lost his life to a car accident. But his life remains an inspiration to those who are facing mental problems. If Nash could fight and defeat mental illness you too can. Be a fighter, don’t give up!



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Written by Deepali Pandit


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