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ETark Online SmartPhone Complaint Resolution Platform

ETark Online SmartPhone Complaint Resolution Platform

ETark Online SmartPhone Complaint Resolution Platform is a first of it’s kind tech legal startup. Smartphone isn’t just a fancy gadget today, it’s a necessity. It’s a means to stay connected with the rest of the world! It helps in resolving consumer complaints against smartphones, even when the phone is out of warranty, in an instant and unbiased way through our complete automated platform with zero human interference.

As such, we dare claim to be the first indigenous internet service from India!

How it works :

Step 1

Step 2

  • Platform generates three inferences instantly and in an unbiased way :
    a. Quantification of the strength of complaint of the user against the company (smartphone manufacturer/ e-commerce firm/ offline retailer)
    b. Prediction of chances of winning had the matter gone to a consumer court

    c. Expected compensation (which could be monetary, product replacement or free service) if the case won in a consumer court.

Step 3

  • Using the above three inferences, the user could decide if he wishes to take the matter to a consumer court or settle directly with the company. In case the user wants ETark Platform to take the matter on behalf of the user to avail a compensation as mentioned above, ETark Online SmartPhone Complaint Resolution Platform serves it’s users and brings at least a certain fraction of the compensation as calculated by its own system within a short time frame of maximum two weeks, thereby saving users time and efforts.

Step 4

  • In case the user gets a compensation of free service by the company.There is an option where phone is picked up by our logistics support from residence to the nearest operational authorized service centre, serviced there and then returned back to his residence so that the user doesn’t have to take the risk of stepping out in this COVID situation or expend his time in visiting a service centre which may turn out to be closed due to the ongoing uncertainty.

The company gets benefited from ETark Online SmartPhone Complaint Resolution Platform because now it is able to prioritize the complaint as per their authenticity (which is done through certain checks in our system), estimate the strength and chances of winning thus simplifying the work of the customer support agents, paralegals and legal experts of the company, thereby reducing the operational cost.

Platform in India

ETark Online SmartPhone Complaint Resolution Platform is going to be launched in India in a couple of days. The service will be available in pan India. So before launching, let’s have a look at how it will work?

In case you are having any problem with your smartphone, you can use the link below to register your problem details at ETark Online SmartPhone Complaint Resolution Platform :

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