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DontGiveUp Salutes The Inspirational cricketer Sachin Tendulkar on his 37th Birthday on 24th April 2010

The name ‘SACHIN TENDULKAR‘ in the world of cricket is not just known to everyone but also respected. India is passionate about cricket for just two reasons one is 1983 cricket world cup second is SACHIN TENDULKAR. Indians can’t even imagine cricket without Sachin.Some of greatest cricketers in the world claim Sachin as ‘INFALLIABLE‘.

No wonder it is said ‘If cricket is religion then SACHIN is GOD.’

200 runs in one inning in ODI, Maximum runs in ODI, Maximum centuries in ODI, Maximum runs in Tests, Maximum centuries in Tests and many more and still NOT OUT.His teammate Virender Sehwag address by saying ‘GOD

A great stature and a great fan following like sachin have can make anyone overwhelmed.But Sachin has shown a great modesty and calmness throughout his long journey. He is a true Inspiration by his big records and even bigger sense of modesty for US. We salute him.

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