DontGiveUp Originals: Dil me jagah honi chahiye.. by Arun Pandit

This is not a very big or exciting story as such.But i just wanted to share an experience of mine.It was probably when i was in standard 5th or 6th or u can say when i was around 11 or 12 years old.I used to got to my school (St Mary’s) in Delhi along with my sister in an auto rikshaw.Now for our visitors from abroad it may be a new thing.It is a kind of three wheeler.Look below

Around 5-6 kids from our locality used to go in it.One fine day due to some problem the auto rikshaw didnt come to pick us up.So my dad had to drop us to the school. While we were on the way to school my father saw one of my friend Gaurav and his brother Sunny along with his two sisters waiting for the government bus in order to go to the school.

My dad said

”Arun , your friend and his brother and sisters are waiting for the bus.We are going to the school on our car so lets take them along with us!’

I replied promptly ” Papa , how can we adjust four more persons in the car! It will get all crowded here. Leave them ,they will come on there own !! they havent even seen us!’

My dad Replied immediately” Beta  DIL ME JAGAH HONI CHAHIYE BAKI TO AAPNE AAP BAN JAATI HAIN…” ( In Hindi)

That is “Son , All what is required is some space in your heart … The other physical space is then created automatically…”

These words really gave me a 1000 watt shock and i realized that how mean and selfish i was..

I realized the importance of sharing and i also realized that i was becoming  HU-MEAN instead of being HU-MANE.

Friends i urge you to understand that in this fast moving world…. dont move so fast that we forget what we really are …




What do you think?

Written by arun_pandit


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