Don’t Give Up Member Ankur Sharma Launches Android App Sharing App !!

Don’t Give Up Member Ankur Sharma

Launches Android  App Sharing App !!

Apk Share App

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Do you have a situation when your friends bought a new Android phone

and you wish to share all the cool apps with them?
Don’t you think there should be a simpler way?

Sharing apps with your friends is possible easily now with Apk Share App.

Get it now at:
Apk Share app shows your installed applications in a list with Name, Size and Version number.

You can select one or multiple files and share directly as attachment via

* Bluetooth
* Email/Gmail
* Skype
* Google Drive
* Hike
* Outlook
* SuperBeam
* ShareIt

You can also create backup of the apps on your storage card. This app comes with an Instant search feature that makes it easy to find the app you want from all the installed apps.

You can also do the following:

* Open Application.
* Check Details.
* Back up Application.
* Uninstall Application.

This app focuses on convinces and simplicity. A Share App with Clean, simple and Sleek UI.

Very easy to use and available free on Android  play store.

– Ankur Sharma

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