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Demons Inside : Motivational Poem by Arun Pandit

Demons Inside

The darkness was shining brightly
My fears were smiling politely

My tears fell like a never ending rain
Critics were hitting me with the speed of a bullet train

The mess in my mind was messing with my mind
Finding the exit from this maze of misery was far difficult to find

The pain was trained to make my courage go permanently blind
My soul was so sick it puked every ounce of positivity left behind
Where happiness became relative to the pain sustained

Where less pain was happy, more pain was sad
Where solitude and darkness was not looking that bad

Where the daily dose of death was the meth that kept me high
Where the only melody to my ears was the sighs of goodbyes

Where trust was rotting in corrosive rust
Where love was wearing a cloak of lust

Where stainless steel character was stained with lies
Where the only well of hope was an empty well of lies

Where the myth of happiness was like a fairy tale to a child

Where the deafening silence made the loudest of noise
Living my nightmare where my teeth’s were being grind
Where the faintest of sound felt like the devil was whispering in my mind

Where the society was the side and you didn’t want to take sides
Where our culture was a vulture you were avoiding to abide

Where freedom spelt free “doom”
and your identities were customized
Like a dozen tees , Tailored to mask realities
These faces that we projected were hard to face

The turtles were not winning the rabbit race
The true & kind were sparse to find

Where the word “Give Up” was bind to my mind
A bleeding soul, a broken body and a lost mind

Perfect signs that the sinner would be the winner
The evil was patiently waiting around the corner, to surgically dig its ugly tentacles and suffocate me from behind
A prized possession that was destined to be dined

Truth be told
I might be lying on a bed depressed
Hopeless ,clue less & mentally suppressed
But I am too freaking stubborn & over obsessed
You may see me broken
You may see me bruised
You may see me exhausted, with a temper too loose
You may see me cry
You may see me sigh
You may see me weak
And see my memory go bleak
You may even see me tripping at the bottom of the pit
Losing my shit as if a tornado just hit
You may label me as a loser & bet on my imminent demise
But jokers!
Say cheese! Smile!
You might kill others and think that you won the prize
Time to give you a shocking surprise
I am the Phoenix that the poems describe
I am the demon that rises from the grave
Beating you to submission with poise & grace
Until I put your name in disgrace
This beating might not eventually suffice
I will still give my demons a friendly advice
Don’t knock at my coffin
Don’t even try …
Otherwise I will show my demons
What demons are like !

Arun Pandit | Demons Inside

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Written by Arun Pandit

The administrator and Founder of website & Community.


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